A man leaves home and makes 3 left turns, who is he?


Whats the easiest way to catch bass when fishing from the bank?

a base ball player

How do you make a quick pair of spurs?

a killer

Airsoft guns?

he think that his wife is cheating on him, cuz he is at the back of the house after 3 turns.

What is the attraction of shooting the bejesus out furry litttle animals.?

Baseball player

Does anyone know where I can find a Camo Duck Hunting Cover for a Motorola Razr V3xx?

A square...

Do you believe fishing is better, worse, or equal to hunting?

If he runs through the left turns without stopping he's happy !!
home run!

It's a baseball player

I have an older Ithaca 12 gauge model 87 featherweight gun and I need to know if I can use slugs with this gun

John Kerry

What is the advantage of a pistol grip and full stock on a shotgun?

a baseball player ...lol

I need a tent to camp in,?

a leftist man who always turns left even he have to turn right? right?

What are the best RV Campgrounds in Nevada?


For the paintball expert - paintball barrels?

a three leaf clover? or maybe a leprechaun?

Whats a second hand AYA No4 worth?

..and he is greeted at home by a masked man. He just hit a homerun baby!!

How to do yamakazi?

a NASCAR driver who wrecks before he gets to turn 4

What is the best way to sight in a rimfire rifle?

Um, he's either a garbage collector collecting his own garbage, or he's having an affair with the woman who lives on the block behind his house.

Can you purchase replacement clips for the Remington .22 LR Model Five?

mr, right

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