A good WW2 hunting Rifle?

I would like to buy a good ww2 rifle. My dad has a mauser and a springfield and i would like to get something different. I am thinking about a mosin nagant for a deer rifle and to plank with. My real concern is a gun for under $300. The ammo should be pretty cheap. Also I would like this gun to be reliable and accurate(p.s. should i wear bdu's while hunting for deer)


Do you hunt? If so for what?

I know an extreme gun enthusiest. wwhen i say extreme i mean he owns guns that are worth 5-6 digits. I asked him one time which was better and he said the mauser the german version. it is highly accurate and many companies tried to copy its action but failed. As was said the m1 is a close second depending on where you live and how many are around is what the cost is. for example i lived in VA and the gun shop had many sks's,ak47's ,mauser's,m1 garands, and british 303's you could have any one of them for 190-350 depending on condition, and if it was an assult rifle or not. the mausers and garands usually went for 250,sks and the 303's went for about 190 of course the ak's went for 350.
If you want a good deer rifle it depends on the shooting your doing. If you plan on hunting mainly in the woods ,heavey brush and will rareley have a shot over 175 yards I would go with a 30.30 . millions of people used them and dropped deer.

If you plan on a cross of wooded, brush, and open feilds i would go with a 30.06 preferably a bolt action. They are good up to 1000 yards if you are that good of a shot.

By all means if you have BDU's use them. I use to buy and use alot of military surplus clothing and such and use it. first it is cheap compaired to name brand hunting garments,they hold up better, and it works just as good. here is more food for thought the chemicle suits that the military issues (the ones with carbon in them) can be had for a fraction of what they hunting stores sell realtree versions for and it works in destroying your odor.

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spend the 300.00 on quality,warm deer hunting clothes or maybe a stand and borrow either of dads rifles to hunt with .

Where can i get some ammo 5.7x28mm?

Use what you have available. You don't need another one.

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Do what you have to, but hunting isn't a military operation. If you walk around in BDU's carrying a Mosin-Nagant, you're going to look like one of those nuts that normal people wonder about. If you must have an old military rifle, the Mauser's the best choice, the Springfield second, and the SMLE's third.

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i would say a M1 Garand but good luck finding one at 300

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I answered you other question, but felt the need to respond to this one as well.

Given a choice between a Mosin Nagant amd one of the Mausers available, I'd recommend you get a Mauser.6.5x55 Swede or 7mm South American.they are much better quality than the Russians ever made.

Also, look at the Swiss K31. It's the most accurate military surplus rifle I own and I have everything.the 7.5mm Swiss round is good for any game in North America short of big bear and moose. The K31 is one fine piece of precision gunmaking.

As far as hand guns,how do you rate 38 special in terms of accuracy,power etc.??

303 Lee enfeild way under 300

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Not sure about there, but here in Canada, there are tons of surplus Mosin Nagants floating around, you can get ones in excellent condition for like $150.

The only problem with WWII rifles is that none of them have cheap ammo. All of them use cartridges that aren't very common anymore, 7.62x54, .303 british, 8mm mauser, etc. etc. The only one still very common is 30-06.

From time to time, you can get lucky and come across old crates of military surplus ammo in these calibres and get a good deal, it's almost always corrosive though.

You don't plink with centerfire rifle cartridges very often unless you're made of money. Go buy a 10/22 and then you can plink to your hearts content.

But for serious range shooting and hunting, a Mosin Nagant, Lee-Enfield, or K98 can all be a good time and are good quality weapons.

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Both your Dad's riffles are hard to beat. You can pick up a 8MM Louie Berlin Mauser fro around $180, but remember those are open sites. Its a good dependable riffle. Springfields are the best all around and you can buy shells anywhere, though its touch to find a good one at $300.

BDU's? Why do you need camo with High Power? I have shot deer at 400+ yards though most deer I killed are under 75Yards. You dont need camo for Gun season. Camo is fine for Turkeys and Waterfowl but It alwas cracks me up sseing the "WalMart" crowd heading to the feild for Deer season decked out in Real tree@ Hunting is a gentlman's sport...dress like one! I once Wore a tweed suit while hunting in Scotland and still wear a necktie while Qauil hunting in the South. Good luck!

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The Mosin Nagant M44 is a good gun. Plenty for deer. It's really cheap. I've bought them here for gifts for $45 a piece. Another good rifle would be an Enfield SMLE. You can get them for $250 used. Another good choice would be a 1917 Enfield in 30-06.

I have a lot of friends who use their BDU's and they work just fine. I personally prefer a good Mossy Oak pattern. But if you're rile hunting, it's good to wear some orange so your camo doesn't really matter too much. If you're turkey hunting, or archery hunting, you're going to want the most realistic camo you can afford as you're so much closer to the game.

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