A good sniping bb gun?

i was wondering what bb gun i could get that can kill a gopher from about 60 feet or so away. by the way is there like a good sniping bb guns at a pretty good price somewhere.


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Crosman Phantom 1000

About $100 for the price. It's a break-barrel .177 pellet gun. The shooters kit for $160 comes with a carrying bag, scope, 500 pellets, and paper targets (but shooter's kit has no iron sights)

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go to pyramidairsoft.com they hsve the cheapest prices. i prefer getting a spring because theyre more durable dependable and they last longer.

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Actually what you gotta get is a semi atomatic grenade launcher. I use them on the neighborhood kids and it works pretty good.

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BBs are not the most accurate form of ammunition for air guns. You can spray too many in the effort to take out a small and fast subject like a gopher.

I strongly recommend any pump rifle or pistol by Benjamin Sheridan. Well worth the money.

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Gamo is the one I would recommend at around 1200 fps that makes it a hard hitter and gives it the better range.
Its been my experience that the 177 preformed better for me.
I went out and bought a Gamo and mounted a scope on it and have rid my surrounding yard of squirrels and rabbits and a few snakes, only one required a follow up shot and that was a rabbit that happened to turn away from me just as I shoot.
But I do prefer the 177 at 1000 to 1200 fps at those speeds the cant help but blow all the way through your target.


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you're better off with a .22lr or a .17WMR

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Gamo Shadow 1000 .177 caliber will get you to 60 feet.

For some good snipers look at the Condor by Air Force, or the S410 by Air Arms. The Condor will get you out to 60yds. Lothar Walther match barrel for accuracy.

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