Are AK47 parts kits Legal to own?

I was wondering if those sawed up BATF spec full automatic AK47 parts kits are legal to own in Iowa. I see them in lots of gun catalogs, and as far as I know they are legal to own, but I wanted to make sure before blowing 150 bucks on one.


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I am building a couple in wisconsin, and have no trouble with possession of them. Provided you don't have any strange restrictions or high capacity magazine bans, they are probably ok in iowa. Just to clarify here, the intent of them usually is semi auto builds, however if you are one of the lucky and wealthy owners of a legally registered full auto ak type rifle, you may use a parts kit as replacement parts. Here in wisconsin the homebuilt ak rifles do not actually need to be registered as that when you build it yourself it has no serial number on the reciever (assuming you build from a flat).

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Yes. I know a machinist who makes his own receivers and slaps the rest of the parts from parts kits.

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Yes, there legal to own as long as it passes the minimum 10 U.S. made parts.

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If you plan on converting an AK47 to full auto without the appropriate permits and licenses, it is illegal.

If you plan on just building a semi auto AK47, then be sure to register the gun. Otherwise you are illegal again.

If you just want an interesting paper weight, you're fine.

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Yes it is legal to own and purchase the parts.

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