12 ga. shotgun?

i have a single shot pump mossberg 12 ga.. is there anyway to make this shotgun hold more then one shot and if there is a way could somebody tell me how its done??


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I've never heard of a single shot pump. Do you have a model number on that Mossberg?

The most common Mossbergs out there would probably be the 500, followed by the Maverick 88 both of which are capable of 6 rounds, 5 in the tube, one in the chamber.


I just saw your edit about the tube. That is where you add additional rounds. Check the manual, if you don't have one, you should be able to find it here:


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i don't think that it is possible to increase the carrying capacity of that shotgun.

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If it is really a "single shot" gun, then that is what it will always be. Most pump actions are more than one shot. Does it have a tube below the barrell which might be a reservoir for more shells?

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A single shot pump? That dosent make sense. Single shot shotguns are ussually break barrel. Tho there are a few lever type single shots. I know alot of shot guns will have a "Plug" in the magazine to limit it to 3 shots. (required for waterfowl hunting in some areas)

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if it's a pump, it holds more than one. Mossberg pump shotguns have a tubular magazine under the barrel (I think they make a magazine fed shotgun, but I think it's an auto).
My best advice to you is this - the gun will have a model number somewhere on it, go to Mossberg.com and with that model number you should be able to either download or request a printed copy of the owner's manual for that firearm. Get it and read it before you go any farther. If, having done that, you still can't get it to hold more than one shell, take it to a gunsmith, there's something seriously wrong with it.

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Look on the bottom of the gun and you will see an opening.Looks kind of like a trap door.This is where you push more shells into the feed tube ( magazine).You should only be able to put two into the mag and one into the chamber.If the gun will hold more than this it means that the plug has been removed from the mag.

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