About how far out is a ak-47 with open sites ( no scope ) accurate too ?

not asking for any 1 inch groups .. just basic accuracy


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There is so much variation. I will say that an ak-47 that can consistently hit people size targets at 300 meters is one in a thousand.

Also, there are plenty of autos that are much more accurate: hk fal ar-15 m1 m1a1 (the list is really long).

I think off of sandbags with a really good shooter (better than me) on a perfect day you can expect about 5 inch groups with open sites at 100 yards. Emphasis on really good shooter.

The above (except for the video) is based on my experiences at the shooting range with other people's AKs. I did some reading and people claim it isn't accurate out past 75 yards and others claim it is accurate past 450. The website I posted was one of the first in a search. It also was the only website that actually showed a test.

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.I think it's pretty accurate in relation to other automatic weapons in it's category, but I don't know exactly since I've never used one

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I can hit silhouette (person shaped) targets with relative accuracy up to 300m, I'm sure I could hit it at a farther distance but it would essential be all luck.

They are not nearly as inaccurate as people claim them to be, but a lot of it has to do with the individual shooter. I mean a gun doesn't hit or miss based on it's reputation.

EDIT: People, by "relative accuracy" I don't mean perfect groupings, I mean that I can simply hit the target the majority of the shots I fired. When you're in combat (which this rife is designed for) that's all that counts.

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With a standard size 16x20 paper target about 200 yards and, if you are good with your trigger, you should be able to place your shots within the red.

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250-300 yards(meters) with military ammo.
Not much farther with a scope, actually, 7.62X39 out of that length barrel won't get you much more than that.

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It mostly depends on the rounds you are using. I found using surplus ammo or better name brand stuff like winchester or remington etc...not wolf that stuff is crap, you get a better accuracy. Really i've only tested it out to about 300 yards and I hit a smaller pumpkin out that far. Open sites I can't really see anything much further than that to even take a shot and I didn't hit that pumpkin on the first shot it took about 8 or 9 but I was just comming up short I'm sure if I had bench sht it I woul dhave hit it in fewer shots. The better the ammo the better the shot because as for accuracy with an ak-47 they are good...better than my sks. My ar-15 would have nailed that pumpkin in on the first shot but it's scoped :-P. I bench shot it at 100 yards because thats the furthest my bench is set up for and shoot nice groups with a wondering shot here and there. Beside you never know when a pumpkin will attack you and at least I know I could take one out :)). Hope this helps

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You'll have to shoot it to find out. Many people report 4-inch groups.

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Bound's hubby here:

My experience with accuracy is based on observations with the SKS, which is not that much different from an AK. A few years back we had a shooter competing in a National Match Course (NMC) competition and he was using an SKS. At the 300 yard line firing 10 shots rapid fire in 70 seconds, and using iron sights, the shooter was unable to keep his 10 shots on the 8' by 8' target board and he was asked to leave the line.

As mentioned by one or two respondants above, they could hit the target at about 300 yards, not with their first shot but with their eighth or ninth shot. This is not symbolic of accuracy. Accuracy comes from fitting parts together within precise tolerances. Precise tolernaces and SKS or AK do not go together. Both the SKS and the AK have a reputation for reliability under adverse combat conditions. This is due to loosely fitted parts. Therefore, if you want an SKS or AK to function properly, you can not expect a high degree of (precision) accuracy.

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