Does a 20 gauge shotgun have a powerful kick?


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It depends on the load and the weight of the gun. It can kick as much as or more than a 12 gauge because most 20 gauge shotguns weigh less than a 12. If you stick to standard length shells of 7/8 ounce or 1 once of shot the kick should be significantly less than a 12 gauge. It should be suitable for smaller framed adults, women, and youngsters.

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No, it has hardly any kick, at all. Even if you are shooting 3 inch mags, you don't really notice the kick.

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The main thing is to get a gun that fits and learn proper shooting form, most recoil problems are from poor fitting guns or because people don't now how to hold the gun properly.
Get an auto-loader (Rem 1100 for example) with a good recoil pad (buy an aftermarket if you need to - LimbSaver). Start out with light loads and learn proper shooting form.
Learn to relax and roll with the recoil. If you are all tight and stiff it's going to hurt. Smaller people with proper technique can handle as much if not more recoil than large people.

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Everything is relative. If you're comparing it to a .22, it kicks alot. If you're comparing it to a 10 gauge, it's a soft kiss. Generally speaking, they're pretty easy on the shooter. One of my good buddies just bought an 870 youth for his 11 year old daughter, and she'll shoot at clays with the best of us.

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No, but felt recoil is less a matter of actual recoil than how it's transferred. If the gun fits, it'll be a pussycat. If it doesn't, it may be uncomfortable. If possible, go to a good dealer with a "try gun" who can measure you for the proper length of pull, drop at heel, drop at comb, and cast. The people at Wal-Mart probably won't even know what those terms mean. A properly fitted stock will make the gun almost aim itself, and you'll shoot better and feel a lot less recoil.

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As with a 12 gauge or any other shotgun, the amount of felt recoil will depend on the load being fired and the weight of the gun. A light single-shot will recoil more than a heavy pump-action, and a slug will kick harder than birdshot.

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I dont even notice it, but this one time I let this one guy who was a real panzy shhot my little brothers 20ga and I thought he was about to cry. I dont know if I mentioned this but he was a sissy city boy. So to answer the question, if your a city boy it could possibly hurt, but is your from the country, which I know your not because you asked such a stupid question to begin with, you probably wont even notice the recoil at all.

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My experience is that the type of action and the design of the buttstock are the two main factors in felt recoil.

Other answers have noted that semi-autos kick less. That is because part of the recoil energy is used to cycle the bolt of the shotgun in a semi-auto.

Many responses have mentioned the "fit" of the gun. In particular, the design of the comb of the gun is particularly important. The comb is the narrow part of the stock immediately behind the trigger. It is the part of the stock that you grasp to handle the shotgun. Some combs are straight and others have a "drop" or downward angle. Suffice it to say that the straight comb transfers more recoil to your shoulder.

So ... not all 20 guage shotguns are equal in felt recoil. I have an old Stevens bolt action 20 guage with a straight comb that consistently leaves my shoulder black-and-blue. Not exactly a "kiss".

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