300 win mag?

Does anyone own the Benelli R-1 300 win mag? Curious about the recoil and performance. thanks all.


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1200 yards with a "borrow" weapon!
Let me guess you shot the nuts off a humming bird at 1200 yards with a semi auto weapon at that, “right”
And your real name is Annie Oakley!

Ok back to reality with the recoil dampening stock designed cuts felt recoil and the fact that a semi auto utilizes some of its energy to work the action recoil should be a lot tamer then the normal 300 Winchester bolt action.
Due to the fact that it does utilizes some of its energy to work the action the muzzle velocity will be reduced and performance will drop a guess 10 to 15% below a weapon in bolt action.
Accuracy will be in line with all semi auto ok with in a reasonable range, that range depends on how much you practice before the hunt.
Being realistic unless you shoot 150 to 300 rounds before season to get in sink with the trajectory of the weapon I would say stay under 200 yards.
Practice is the key to success, and will determine your ability to shoot and any extended range.


That my opinion.


Why are there no questions or answers about hunting or other shooting sports?

I don't, my dad used to...the recoil is significant, but not so bad that it effects accuracy. The performance...well, I never missed with it, and the longest shot I had was over 1200 yards. It is very accurate...I wish he didn't sell it...

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I have a BAR II in .300win mag and the kick is slightly more than a .30-06. But it's not really that much to move you off target very much.

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I have a Sako deluxe in this caliber. All .300WM rifles of the same weight recoil the same. It does kick some, but it is mild compared to my .460 Weatherby Magnum rifle. I calculated reoil of my rifles with different loads. Recoil depends upon weight of rifle, bullet and powder and velocity of bullet.

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