Advice on choosing a backpack for 2 months of travelling.?


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Hotel/hosteling it? An internal frame pack designed for 1-2 nights out is plenty because you won't have a stove, tent, sleeping bag, etc. Just (hopefully) quick drying, easy-to-wash clothes and a few toiletries.

If you are camping out, you'll need a fairly large pack. Seriously consider skipping the stove/pot/fuel (they are hell to get through security anymore). Plan preparing cold food mixed with eating out ocassionally.

External-framed packs carry heavy loads better and they are cooler because there is a air-gap between it and your back. Kelty still makes some. If you are primarily backpacking, consider one.

But internal frame packs are easier to stow as luggage, easier to hitch-hike with (they fit in small cars better), and don't injure as many people in a crowd. Most everyone goes that way for a European trip.

First pile up all your stuff and fit it in a box. Figure the volume (height x depth x width = X,000 cubic inches) and get a pack with that much volume. AND bring 2 extra stuff sacks with 2 pairs of good straps if/when your load expands.

Consider using a light daypack as one of those stuff sacks for when you check your big pack or leave it at the hotel and wander around town for a day.

Have the salesperson adjust a prospective pack to your torso height and then load it with 40 pounds or so (any good store will have weights of that purpose). Then walk around the store for 20 minutes. And repeat with other bags. It is a boring way to spend 2 hours, but you'll be carrying this for 2 MONTHS and different packs fit different people.

REI is the best large chain to go to. Well-stocked, knowledgable and the staff is not working on commision.

Bring half as many clothes and twice as much money as you think you'll need. <G>

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on that fits you well

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get tha biggest you find

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The best one depends on what youll be using it for?

I use a Kelty Redwing (3600 ci.) I love it but its not designed for a week in the woods, not big enough. My advice is go to REI and have them help you. Those guys are good.

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your going to need something around or over 4000 cubic inches. and even that depends if your taking just clothes or if your taking sleeping bag or any other stuff. head out to your local outfitter and see what they have to offer.

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For 2 months of traveling, choose a backpack that is the sturdiest and strongest backpack in the world. Also, make sure the backpack you choose is not only the sturdiest and the strongest, but it is plenty of room for your supplies and healthy food.

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I've said it before, I'll say it again; L.L Bean for the lifetime warranty and for the quality. They have a huge, huge selection. You can't go wrong. Spend as much money as you can afford to spend.

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