A medal for best info how to kill and clean and prepare a deer?

any hunting info for these subjects for game hunting would be great websites welcome


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If you dont already have one or have someone who will loan you one, you will need to purchase a rifle. Depending on what state your in .25-.30 caliber rifles will handle most game. If your not a shooter then taking the safety course should be high on your list. Otherwise you will need some basic supplies.

1. Ammo for the rifle you are hunting with.
2. A Treestand of some type unless you plan to stalk.
3. Some form of compass or GPS
4. Transportation to the hunting sight
5. Some camo cloths if you feel its needed and Orange vest is highly recommended.

Now I assume that you do not belong to a hunting club or have leased land to do so on. If that is true you will need to purchase a license including a managment stamp which will allow you to hunt on Managment land. Your state website will provide a list of Managment areas for your use and the rules for doing so. By the way the orange is required on state land !

Once you have located some land I would suggest taking a trip there and take some time to look it over. See if you can find some smaller trees that have the bark rubed off it at about knee to waist high. Also notice if there are any trails in the area. They should not be hard to find, you will be looking for a path beat down by animals walking them. Be aware that usually damp or wet areas will produce more Bore than Deer. Try to stay in areas where you will have atleast a 50 yard line of sight. Once you find an area like this you can find a good spot AWAY from the rub and or trails and erect your treestand. Keep as much cover as you can so that they may not see you while having sight of the trail yourself. Check your local rules and see if you can hunt over feed. if so then take some dry whole corn purchased at any feed store and throw some around the area.

Now I like to get into my stand atleast an hour before daylight. The reason is because while you walk to your stand the animals in that area will hear you and surely remove themselves quickly. With an hour lead time, most the game will settle back into the areas they would normally be in. Durring day break will be your best time to kill. Keep a sharp eye specialy if you are in a open area. Deer are not so easily seen as some think. Dont look for a deer, look for movement, then study to find out what it is. IF you see a deer dont fire right away !

Let the deer get into plain sight so that you can make sure it has horns and is of adult size. The time to shoot is when you know you have a shot that you can make without wounding the animal to run off and die 3 days later. Take your time. As long as you are quite and not moving he will continue down its path possibly stopping to eat some corn that you may have thrown out for the last week.

When its right take your shot! Watch where the deer heads. Listen to where the deer heads to. STAY in your stand for 10 to 20 mins. Give him time to lay down and die without anything chasing him to drive him futher away.

20 mins have passed and you will now get out of your stand and go to the spot where you shot the deer. You should right away notice blood in that area. Check the leaves and the ground around the area. If you made a good shot, it shouldnt be hard to follow that blood right to the deer but sometimes you have to look hard. Think about it. When you shot him he is standing still and wherever he slows down the blood will be more. Most of the time they are wide open after being shot and the blood is spread out due to the speed in which they leave. You may have to look hard if you loose the trail.

Now once you have your deer on the ground, make arrangment sto get it back to the truck, or field drees him right there. The rest of the story will be provided in the links below.

How to clean a deer.

How to cook the meat.

Some tips for you.

Try Bow hunting ?

Shot Placement.

Also if you can, I would suggest finding out if you can get doe tags. This will allow you to shoot either a Buck or a Doe and increase your chances of killing a deer by alot ! Talk to whom ever you buy a license from for this info.

Im sure I left out something so I provided the links. Good Luck and Happy Shooting !

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First you need to take a hunter safety course and get your hunting license,they can give you all the info you need.

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It's obvious how to kill one. You put your hunting skills to work.

To field dress-http://www.learn-taxidermy.com/deer_gut.

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u go to get ur hunters license and when u take the class they show u everything u need to know

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a hunter safety course is first --then learn to use a weapon of choice weather bow or gun --practice and use the safety lessons learned-- purchase a license--scout on public or private land for a good deer area--if private ask permission first--set a stand and use a safety harness--make a good shot --remove the meat from the bone after skinning---for your first deer debone the hind quarter the tenderloin down each side of the top of the back and the shoulders--package and freeze until ready to eat--thaw and cook over charcoal with light season of pepper and seasoning salt--that is good stuff

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