A good airsoft gun capable of killing a gopher from a distance away?

I would say about 50-60 feet away


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Not even ten feet. The plastic BBs simply do not have enough mass or force behind them to do serious damage at any distance. I doubt you could even shoot one accurate enough at 60 feet to hit a gopher. A .22 pellet rifle could kill a gopher at 50 feet with a good scope, but that's still pushing the projectiles effective range.

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No airsoft gun is capable of killing it.

At least a .177 pellet gun and that would be from a fairly close range < 30 - 40 feet.

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savage arms .17hmr cheap effective longe range killer, btw you couldnt kill a gopher within a foot with an airsoft gun

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Get yourself a 22caliber Rifle using 22 long rifle ammo and you won't have any problem with a gopher..

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Any airsoft gun can't kill anything from 1 foot away.

Get a pellet air rifle in .177 with a velocity of 800 fps and up in order to be able to make kills at such a range.

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Shoot it in the eye, but it still wont die with an airsoft gun.

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