1st time turkey hunting what choke?

i have a 20 gauge im using turkey hunting, and i just bought the gun im using remington 3inch turkey loads do i need a diff. choke? or can i use just a regular gun barrel? does it matter HELP!


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Primos makes a great choke tub. They shot a tight pattern. I shot a 5 or 6 shot threw my shotgun.
good luck

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u dont choke a turkey u choke ur chicken

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Shame on you. ur sick.
Hunting an animal using intellect and far superior weapons is sad.
Besides guns should only be used for defense, not killing an innocent animal just cuz its trying to survive while ur just tryna get a kick out of it.

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you need a shotgun with a full choke

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you can use a turkey choke or a full choke or modified its up to you

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Full choke, closer pattern, farther killing range, also 7 1/2 shot would work the best.

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The choke size is printed on your gun barrel. Check to see if its a full choke, because that is the choke you should be using for hunting turkey.

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1st question is do you have a removable choke. Most single shots come choked ( full ). If not a couple of things to check on is the pattern you have. try # 4 #5 #6 shot. You may be fine already. They make a number of X and XX full chokes. Even with these... let the paper tell you which is the right combination to use.

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First decide how far out you plan on shooting a turkey. Then pick the best choke for that distance. The farther out you feel comfortable the tighter choke needed. If you plan on shooting one at 5-10 yards good luck and you should use a more open choke. Most people pattern at about 40 yards and use a very tight choke. Practice shooting a turkey target at whatever distance you plan on shooting and I believe you need three pellets in the head to kill one so make sure you have about 20 in the paper target. Then you need to try different brands of shells and different shot size with all your choke tubes.
Now personally I would have gone with a 12 ga. for turkey hunting for more bang for the buck or in this case for the tom.

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If your gun has interchangable chokes, go with the tightest choke that you have. There are chokes that are made specifically for turkey hunting, and they have a tighter pattern than full. Hope this helps.

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the tighter the choke the better. A full choke wil work or you can use an extra full

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tighter the better. use full, xtra full or super full. and go out and pattern your shotgun before you go out in the field, you'll be glad you did.

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modified choke will work nice just remember inside 30 yards shoot for the head

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You will be fine with the modified choke, which is stock in the gun, but i would go to the local gun supply store and ask if they have full or extra ful chokes. thats what the pros use, and they do keep alot tighter pattern, but the modified is ok. I shot one with it and it didnt move or anything, just flopped over, and that was the end. Any choke will do, the modified is a decent one, but if i were you and turkey hutn often, go with the full or extra full choke. they guy that said 7 1/2 shot works the best has never turkey hunted. that isnt a turkey load, that a clay pigeon load! I shoot 4 shot.

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