A wiggling worm?

Question:A HOOK!

GOT ONE! just doing a spot of fishing feel free to leave a calling card or thumbs down before you dive back into the safety of sports1234.com


Where Can I Get A Break Down And Info On A M-9 HandGun?

I'll tackle this question and stay a minnow now you've reeled me in, but I might catch something if i stay with all these maggots. I find it so coarse fishing. What are you angling for? I'm going to float off now before you get fresh.

Can a semi-auto .22 short rifle fire .22 long shot (LS)?

ur stupid

What is the weirdest sport in the world?

It's only a tiddler.

Chepstow rifle club?

you have no life obviously . fish are attracted to drowning people . go try it .

Is it OK to tie a swivel w/safety snap to your line & then just snap on lures?

yes the question did cause some to bite

What is the best rig for bank fishing live bait in big rivers?


How much money does Wal-mart make per year selling worms for bait in Canon City, Colorado?

Yer got me

Remington 700 PSS vs Winchester 70 Stealth?

the one that got away was this long<-----------7'---------->

I once owned a Colt .380 "backup" would like to replace it. anyone with any ideas?

i feel like a sucker that has been hooked and reeled in

Where can I go to find someone interested in buying antlers in Montana?


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