how old do you have to be to purchase handguns


I need web site to buy IN. fishing LIC.?


Does weather have an effect on fishing? (Barometric Pressure) if so how?


What do trout eat?

18 or older

When dear hunting, when is the best time to hunt; morning, or evening?

I believe in most states it is 18 years old to buy long arms (rifles/shotguns) and 21 to buy handguns. Contact your local gun store and ask.

If you hunt waterfowl, What Bird have you always wanted to get?

16 w/ a hunters safety course.

Winchester model 42 takedown manual?

18(just dont kill ne 1)

Can i use a scope thats off a .50cal rifle on a .308 cal rife the scope spec is12-36X80?

depends where u are
i think 19 atleast and u gotta have a license
i hope ur not gettin into trouble

If you could pick only one fishing lure/flie to fish with for the rest of your life what would it be?

I think it depends on the state but 21

Why should i register my handgun?

18 in america

What's a 30 "ought?" 6?

I would imagine it is state to state. I believe it's 18 for shotgun and rifles and 21 for handguns.

Where can I specifically get Voyageur map #7 of the Boundary Waters? Not Fisher or McKenzie.?

21-every state in the US

Do you ever buy a gun from wal-mart even though they don't help support your gun rights?


Need skateboarding advice plz help me?

Legally? 21 :)
otherwise you can pick'em up in some black naighborhood from a pimp.

NOTE: don't be doin' somethin' crazy now, alright!

AR-15s legal in California? 22LR variants?

21 for handguns...18 for rifles.....you can purchase shotguns at the age of 18 for a minor; they make youth sizes.

How to fish?

in our country it is difficult to get a lisence of an airgun or a handgun ..however one must have to be atleast 18, i can say..it 's all for guard against potential terrorism, extortion and miscreants thru all fire arms..

How do you use a bait pump?

Legal adult age for your state (& have a clean record= no felonies).

What beach in connecticut can i bring my dog 2 and camp?

usually 18 or 21 depending on what state you live in.

Where can i get cheat tickets for six flags?

You must be 21.

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