whats better a 12, 10, 0r 20 gauge shotgun


Good Morning.?

one that works

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The shotgun, like any tool, is selected for its purpose. What are you going to do with the shotgun?

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It depends on purpose. 12 is about the biggest you're gonna find on the market. They do make 10 gauges but they are hard to find. The thing to remember with shotguns is that the lower the number (20, 16, 12, 10 etc.), the bigger the barrel.

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it really depends on what ur usng the guns for. If it is hunting small animals, 20. If you are shooting skeet or hunting bigger animals, 12. A 10 is pretty much unneccesary.

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12 guage

In the past few years the shotgun and shell companies have made big improvements in the 12, but nothing new has been done to the 10 in years, but there have been a few improvements in the 20.

This is really one of those cases where the item that is the most popular, gets the most research, and thus the most improvements.

The 20 is a good gun, but you can buy light loads for a 12 and do the same job. And now with the 3 1/2 inch shells for the 12, the 10 isn't really needed anymore.

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depends on what your going to use it for? hunting? self-defense? if hunting, what are you going to hunt? how much recoil can you handle?

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Much as i am considering a 10g, the 12 is better for sure.

Try finding ammo for a 10, and then try comparing the 20 to the 12..

12g 3 1/2" covers all needs,and a huge range of ammo.

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