Advantages and disadvanteges of a sailing boat?

I want to buy a sailing boat but I am not sure can you help me to decide*


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I was where you are not too many years ago. I weighed the pros and cons, much like you must be doing. First, I thought how enjoyable to be able to just sail away from my shorebound cares, to see the world from an entirelly different perspective and adventure among small islands and islets in the channels and bays of West Coast Florida. Those were inviting reasons. Then I began to get sensible. A sailboat requires a lot of maintenance, it is costly to keep up, and I'd only been on a sailboat once, and it had been at anchor. I don't know how to sail.

I thought I might solve a couple of those problems by inviting my brother-in-law to do shares in a sailboat. He'd just finished serving as second mate aboard the three-masted Mystic Whaler out of Mystic, Conn., counted among the Tall Ships. For what ever reason, he wouldn't consider my offer, and the means I'd hoped he'd provide of financing and learning sailing was out. I determined that, clumsey as I am, I'd likely catch a cleat or a line and fall overboard and drown. I gave up the idea of a sailboat.

I don't mean to discourage you, though. Everybody is different. You can start out small with a little skiff starting about $1000 and learn with that, find if you like it, etc. I've moved to the mountains of North Carolina now; and it would be hard to have a 35-foot sailboat like I'd wanted up here. I hope you don't give up your dream if it's what you find you really want. Good luck.

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It really depends on what kind of boat you want to buy. If you to learn how to sail, you can't go wrong with a Laser.

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advantage: you can escape everything... go away.. be free!
disadvantage: if a seagul flies too low and pierces your sail you will be wishing you bought a proper boat lol

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try something small first. Then move up to something bigger after you get the hang of it.

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Get one that has an engine in case you lose the wind. Should be safe enough to have lots of fun!

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