Adults on an inflatable moonwalk?

Is it safe for adults to use a rented moonwalk? I know we'd have to limit it to not have 10 adults bouncing around, but would it be safe to have 3-5 adults bouncing at one time? Rental companies don't seem keen on the idea. Is it b/c of possible flailing-arm injury or damage to moonwalk? Any thoughts on this?


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Shouldn't be a problem at all. Just behave responsibly while you're in there. It's all about the weight limits and the safety/comfort of the people in it.

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ask them what maximum weight it can hold, NOT who's using it. too much weight will blow the compressor, no matter who it is.

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Well all I can say is that we had that many adults on the one we rented. We had a bigger one it was not one of the small ones. We also slept in but I would be careful of that we woke up soaked from the dew but it was a good time.

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I don't think there should be more than three adults at a time. You have to think about weight, height, and roominess. To many adults will probably ruin the moonwalk.

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The correct answer factors in how much alcohol they've consumed before moonwalking.

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