8MM v.s. 7.62 x 25? Blank Ammo Help!?

Question:I know that 7.62x25 is roughly 8MM, but can I use 8MM blanks into my CZ52 that uses 7.62x25?

Also, I've been looking like mad for 7.62x25 blank ammo, but haven't found any luck. Any help please?


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7.62 is .308.
8mm is .325.

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no---that won't work----i own a TOKAREV

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go to the website listed go get some 7.62 x 25 blanks, currently they are out of stock, but they will probably get some soon, if not look around on the web some more

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Uh, no.

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No, you can't.

The 7.62x25 is so uniquely shaped nothing comes close.

I used to have a CZ52. I'm wondering if blank ammo will cycle the slide on that beast?

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