What are the steps to reline your fishing pole?

I have never done this before and I need to put a lighter line on my pole. Also the line on the pole is over 5 years old and has been seldom used.


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First strip the old line from your reel. Then take the time and pull the reel apart and actually clean and lube it. If you haven't used it is several years I'm sure it could use it. Then put the reel back together and attach it to the pole. Feed the new line through at least one eye on the pole, and tie it to the reel. From there just start reeling, making sure that the line is not bunching in one place. Also do no completely fill the reel. There is no need to load it more than 3/4 full. Then you're done.

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Big daddy is right about taking apart, cleaning, and lubricating everything, but if you just wind the new line onto your reel, it could be the wrong way and und up in a birds nest. I don't remember the right direction, because it's been a while, but the line should come off the spool in a clockwise direction and go onto your reel in a counter clockwise direction, or something like that. It's hard to explain without showing you, but just call your local tackle shop and they can probably explain better. Fish On!

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the fun part of taking anything parts and putting it together is what you learn for yourself while you're doing it. If you have a digital camera, take a picture of the reel, you can't really break these things if you don't lose the parts.
Open face reel is the easiest, just unscrew the Drum and it comes straight up with all the old line. toss the old and tie a slip knot with the new line following the same way you took it off, you can't go wrong and even if you do the most common mistake take 2 minutes to do over.
Have fun because that's part of fishing, the preparation and the learning.

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