Where can I try out shooting a gun if I don't own one of my own or have any experience?

It's something my wife and I have always wanted to experience, but we don't own any guns (and we don't plan to). Training classes? Firing ranges? Do you need memberships? What kinds of guns can we try? Would we have to obtain any permits or registrations? (again, we dont plan to own any, just want to try it out)


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In almost any area of the country there are gun clubs who will welcome you and your wife as guests. Most are eager to have visitors and be willing to let you see the facilites and most gun owners would be more than willing to allow the use of their firearms for testing. A good place to start would be your local police dept or sporting goods store who can easily point you in the right direction.

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<>It would have been helpful if you said where you were, but a sure bet is to ask the NRA. They will be happy to help. I'm happy to see that you want to go about it the right way. And you might just be surprised how much you like it:

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look in the news phone book for shooting ranges and must have guns you could use

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look up shooting ranges in your area on the internet. there's a place i go to in milpitas, right next to the police station. they are very helpful and informative. they make sure that you are of age, that you know or dont know how to use a gun. and if you dont know, they will show you, they will even go into the area to shoot a few to show you what to do. if you need help while shooting, they will come to you. and there, you can rent guns, buy bullets, buy targets, rent ear/eye protection, and the rentals are by the hour. also make sure to look for night that have deals, some places have a ladies night, or a bring a friend night. i go to targetmasterswest.com.

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Check out the public shooting ranges in your area. Ask if they offer shooting/gun safety classes and rent or loan guns.

Good luck.


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Check your local gun ranges if they sell fire arms some places allow you to rent firearms for range use. And if you like the weapon they allow you to purchase that weapon

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Check out any local firing ranges or gun clubs. They sometimes have weapons that you can rent. PLEASE, for everyone's safety, let them know that you have never fired a weapon before. They will ensure that you receive adequate training before renting the weapon to you.

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I have recently began shooting and purchasing guns. You can go to a local range which should have private or public classes that will teach you the basics of owning a firearm.

You may be better off with a private instructor. My wife and I met one and he has taught us a great deal about gun safety, home protection and various firearms. I have purchased my firearms from him and have taken a concealed weapons class with him as well.

That may be your best bet. Look on-line or in your local phone book for instructors that teach firearm safety and concealed carry permits.

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Look up gun range in the yellow pages..

In my state you have obtain a permit to purchase from the local sheriff prior going into the sporting good store to buy a hand gun. Some larger municipalities require registration with the city police.
Smaller towns do not.

Check out a couple of the websites be

low for info on your state:


For training our city has a "Green Cross" training location where we go to certified for CCW. Then we have to apply for CCW to the State Patrol.

I open carry (in my vehicle) which does not require a permit to carry in my state but the gun and mag needs to be unloaded .. I believe the minute you put a bullet in the mag and you are not on the range, at home or in the field (ie on the street)you need CCW

Many gun ranges rent but it might be wise if you've not shot before to attend training.

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their are alot of options,private lessons,joining a gun club and going threw a safety course on them or even some clubs have beginners fun shoot to get new members.Bristol Wis does this 2 to 3 times a year

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The internet is a fascinating thing. In my part of the world, this question would never get posted. We'd just ask a neighbor, arrange a time, talk about what guns you might be interested in, and that would be that. I'm not sure I know anybody that doesn't shoot, and almost everybody has at least one firearm.

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