A friend caught a catfish with scales in the everglades, Florida does any one know of such a thing?


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.Maybe it was one of the ones (listed below) that have spiney plates or shields?

All catfish lack scales. There are those with smooth, naked skins (like our native cats), others with rows of spiny plates and even a few completely armored with overlapping shields. But no scales. They also possess a fleshy adipose fin on the rear of their back, like trout and salmon

~~~Curiousity overcame us one day and we approached a boatload of fishermen. The groups fishing by cast net appear to be mostly itinerant crop workers from Mexico and South America, but we were lucky enough to approach a group who spoke some english.

They told us they were catching "Armored Catfish". We thought there must be a language problem - we've been on the river a long time and never heard of an Armored Catfish from anyone - but they had some they had already caught. Sure enough, Armored Catfish!!

Meanwhile, back at the point...Armored Catfish are quite small, but they really do looked armored! They have the whiskers, mouth, spines and coloring of a regular catfish, but instead of the smooth skin they have what looks like armor plates!

Check out the site - they've got pictures and a more complete description.


Hope this helps !

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Never heard of it. Are you sure it is a catfish?

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Pardon my ignorance but don't catfish usually have very large scales?

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yes, it is the great big scaled grandaddy cat of legend. your frien will live long and prosper or else have an alien baby. was it saltwater?

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We call them carp!


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