A food plot for deer in the shade?

I have several very good places to hunt. However, It is mostly in hardwoods are rather secluded areas. I have always wanted to have some sort of food plot but it is nearly impossible. I was wondering if anyone makes anything that will grow in the shade? One of the places I hunt in most of the time is way back in some hard woods. Is there anything that would grow there? Thanks


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I use Iron Clay Peas in both sunny and shaded/semi shaded areas. They need the moisture in the shaded areas and really work good in the south. But, market conditions have caused the price to go high per bag, so I only plant them right before season starts. Deer will browse them on a daily basis and will clean out a patch quickly.

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The question: Is there anything that would grow there?
Yes there are ways of getting certain vegetation to grow there.
But better first to as yourself the questions -
Is it ethical?
Is it legal - in may state and region - to plant invasive plant species on lands that aren't mine or are protected state/fed lands and wilderness areas?

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I have used noplow in wooded areas where it is hard to reach. It grew good but I did add a miracle grow to it.

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it would all depend on the land.i like to put my plots in areas that the deer can get to easily.i place mine right on treelines and in corners.this has worked great for me

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one alternative to planting a food plot is to haul in some fertilizer and pick out selected oak trees or native fruit trees that the deer eat normally and fertilize those. the acorns or fruit will be better formed on those selected trees and the deer will pass other like trees to feed on yours. it is also less likely for another hunter to stumble onto your area and "harvest" the benefits of your labor.

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great question, here in tx where I hunt i plant food plots. Wal-mart sells some biologic stuff but all you need to do is find a feed store and buy some wheat and oat feed . the seeds still come up and its easy to plant. be sure to buy the feed seeds and not planting seeds. to me the results are just as good. less expensive. as with the first answer peas are excellent too. deer go crazy over them.

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