A free-floating barrel for a blackpowder rifle?

Do they even exist? And would any improvement in accurracy be at all significant?


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In a traditional style of muzzleloading rifle, free floating would not be something that would be easy to do because the barrel is pinned into the stock at several locations (two to three). However, on the modern in-line rifles, it would be possible because of the difference in stock design. The in-lines are like modern rifles in stock design and all one would have to do is to rasp away the barrel channel under the barrel until it was free floated. The other alternative would be to glass bed it. This is a technique that would also be possible on a traditional muzzleloading rifle. In either case, the intention is to relieve any uneven pressures of the stock on the barrel.

Muzzleloaders are a special breed of rifle and there are many factors that go into making it an accurate shooting rifle. If your rifle is in good condition and built of good materials, you would be better off determining the load, patch, lube, etc that it likes. If you don't have these details worked out first, free floating your barrel will be meaningless. Any increase in accuracy that you MIGHT get would be lost in the inaccuracies of a poor load. Besides, a muzzleloader is just not as inherently accurate as a modern rifle and, therefore, I doubt that you would derrive any significant benefit from free floating it.

I have a spyder Imagine select..its about 2 yrs old ithink..its the blue one with the e- trigger..?

Never seen one but I would have to say I bet, some one would make one for competition shooting only.

As to will it help, it sure cant hurt any.

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Most modern in-line muzzleloaders are free-floated. I have a TC Black Diamond .50 cal that has a free floated barrel, i know that all TC in-lines are free floated and i imagine that most other top in-line manufacturers are the same, Knight, Traditions, etc. free float their barrels as well.

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Yes, they do exist.


Depending in the rifle design, it can make a big difference, but for the most part it is going to help when shooting multiple shots.

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