What is the best paintball gun under $400?


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If you're new to paintball, stay away from the Ion and go with a Tippmann. Tippmanns are durable and very low maintenance. Plus they make tons of upgrades for them.

Ions are not a good choice for a beginning player.

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Do you need a hopper and tank to? If just a gun you sounds inexperienced for even asking this broad of a question. Therefor I would poinbt you to a much cheaper Tippman 98 custom. If you want to get a nice gun and break it just get an ion.

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Without a doubt. Indian Creeks Promaster. hands down.

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It all depends what you want to do with your paintball gun, weather it is casual play or if it is local rookie tournament play. If it is for casual play I woual also suggest a Tippman make, either a 98 custom or an A-5, would not suggest the new X-7 A-5 or whatever its called the extra $150 for the $30 in parts isn't really worth it. I picked up and A-5 on ebay with 20oz CO2 tank and 14" progressive parts barrel for arround $210, this gun came ready to play. Would not suggest the Tippman C3 seeing as it is a pump gun, and things would get ugly if your freinds have autocockers, Ions, or Egos.

If you want to play tournament a good cheap gun would be an Ion there are almost unlimited upgrades for them so you dont have to put alot of money into it at once. If you wanted to you COULD get a spyder, but in my honest oppnion they are junk, I have fixed 10 spyders for every one other gun I have fixed.

Casual Setup I would Suggest:

Tippmann A-5- $220
Stock Hopper Included With Gun
20oz CO2 Tank - $20
Mask: $20-$40
Tippmann Gun Oil- $10
Pods and Pack- $20

*** Future Upgrades ****

Barrel: $20-$80
Double Trigger: $15
Response Gripframe: $70

Cheap Tournament Setup I Would Suggest:

Smart Parts Ion- $200
HPA Tank- $120
Mask- $60-$80
Pods and Pack: $30-$45
Viewloader Revolution Hopper- $55
------------ OR -------------------
Evolution Hopper-- $80

*** Future Upgrades ****
(In Order Of Which They Should Be Purchesed)

Feed Neck: $30
2 Part Barrel Kit: $90-$180
New Trigger: $30-$45
QEV Valvue: $15
Air On/Off: $30-$45

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look on: http://www.pbnation.com/forumdisplay.php...
They are well maintained and you will get a good deal.

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Wait a little and if you just want the gun, get the new Invert Mini (sexy look), The Proto Matrix Rail, or the Smart Parts Epiphany. They are all new and they cost $400. In my opinion, I would choose the Rail or maybe the Mini if you want a tight profile. If you need a whole package, get an Ion or Promaster for $200-250. They are great starter guns, Tippmans and Spyders are good if you're barely starting but I would go with the Promaster or Ion instead because they are great starter guns. If you have a little more money, go with the Promaster. With a Promaster or an Ion, you need an HPA tank instead of C02. Get a 45/4500 or 65/4500 depending on what position you usually play. For a hopper, the new Pulse is good or a Halo B is good too. And finally for the mask, I would start with a JT Flex or Spectra, Empire 'Vents, VForce Profiler, or Dye Invision i3.

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go for an ion. they are good.
tippman's blow.

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Stanley Phu is the most accurate on the answer. Promasters are air hogs, in-accurate, and there are few parts and upgrades for them. The Proto Rail is your Best Bet. Basicly, it is a Ion on roids. Made by Dye, the Rail has a composite Body, not fully plastic, and will be able to house a Ultra-Light Frame as a future upgrade. The Smart Parts Epephany (how ever u spell that) is a step up from the Ion, but just below a shocker. OOOH OOOH, THAT REMINDS ME, U CAN GET A 05 OR ODLER SHOCKER FOR AROUND 400 BRAND NEW. GREAT GUNS

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