Whats a Good "Over & Under" Shotgun for me?

Question:It has to be over and under. The shotgun will mainly be used for hunting but sometimes I do like to mess around with clay targets just for fun.

I like the 12G BC Miruku so far!! I didnt like the Pointer that much and cant afford a Beretta Shotgun!

What do you suggest?


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The decient ones that I've seen that are as versitile as you would like, would be either a Franchi or a Mossberg. I don't know the names of any of the Franchi models, but I've shot them and liked there performance. The Mossberg O/U shotgun is the Revelation. Both the Franchi and the Mossberg will run you about $400-$600. I would also suggest that you consider a Winchester, Browning, or Benelli as a few brands to check out... however the will run you more than the Franchi or the Mossberg.

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I can't suggest anything only poor kanga's cry snif snif!!

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How about the Brownings. Or maybe the new Ruger over and under.

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Ruger shotguns are great, but they kick like hell for most people.

Brownings are so-so. Some people like them, I don't. I'm not impressed with the quality or designs. I was told by a trapshooting champion to never buy a Browning shotgun.

Mossberg's over/unders are made in Turkey, and are pretty much junk as are the Spartan's made in Baikal, Russia for Remington. Stay away from SKB, as well.

Franchi, Benelli, Berretta, and most Italian made O/U's are all OK.

The Winchester's had a major recall a few years ago, but they seem to be alright now. Very tight fit, however until the hinges loosen up. These are made in Japan I believe, for Winchester.

Remington 332 doesn't quite live up to expectations of the 3200 or even the Peerless. The Remington 3200 was the best - if you can find a used one, get it. Peerless guns make a good gun too. 332 wouldn't be too bad if you get a good one and don't put it through the paces competition shooters do.

The Remington Premier's aren't proven yet. I've heard good and bad about them. You could take a chance on one - these are made for Remington in Italy.

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I highly recommend Mossbergs and Winchesters, i own both but depending on how much money you want to spend you can check out the Ruger redline models, they'll set you back about 1,200 dollars though.

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You will never go wrong if you purchase ITHACA...I have the Field Grade, Trap Grade and Skeet Grade.

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if on a budget, take a look at mossberg or remington sparten shotguns.

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Ruger red label or the Stoeger Condor

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A Ruger Red label is the way to go. I have one and I love it.

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A skippyrope would be good, you can go over and under and all your friends can have a shot too! You can make a lasso out of it to catch things and also use it as a whip with a little practice. No ammo, very economical and wont disturb the neighbours!

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the Brownings


I have several O/U shotguns but I will concede that my favourites are two Ithaca SKB`s. I have both the 12 and the 20 and of all the guns these get the most use.

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charlies daly makes a good one not to expensive

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I like the beretta onyx for around 1200.00 Acadamy sports and sports authority have them.

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