About Air or Airsoft guns at wal-mart? Will they work fine?

is there going to be a problem with air gun at wal mart if i buy it? are they ok? because most products at wal mart are crappy ( cuz made in china). which one is the best gun/brand in wal mart?


Where can i find a duck plug at a local store or catalog?thanks.?

Air gun like a pellet rifle? A potentially deadly weapon?
Airsoft gun? A toy for shooting in your basement?
Which do you mean? The Daisy 880 BB/Pellet Rifle is a fairly good deal at Wal-Mart, around $45 with scope.

Prawn Fishing in SINGAPORE...?

Take this question to the TOY section, it does NOT belong in hunting!

Can a person go hunting with an assault rifle?

you get what you pay for man. I'm sure they work but there are gonna be better toys out there. Why not just get a real gun. They are more fun anyway.

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they are crappy and will break on you.

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The paintball guns and firearms are middle to lower grade quality at Wal-Mart. It doesn't mean that they are bad per say, just that Wal-Mart doesn't sell the expensive and customized brands. I would suspect the same is true for air soft guns. You can probably get a cheaper one that will do the trick, but nothing fancy.

Check out www.cheaperthandirt.com to see if they sell any and at what price.

Muzzle loaders?

As long as you take care of them, they will work fine.

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Dude, you're probably better off ordering through the internet. I really really really really really hate how people brag about the guns they get from walmart. You're better off with Academy sports and outddoors or Sports Authority. Even better, order from the internet, they're cheaper than what retail sells. You can order them through a friend.

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They suck go to a better store maybe Cable's or Acdemcy

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As opposed to the Crappy Chevy I bought made in Ohio? I'm not in to airsoftt guns.They seem sort of useless. Unless your a stick up guy robbing the 7-11. Basic rule of thumb? You get what you pay for..... I'm want a car to drive like a Cadilac? Don't buy a KIA.

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Wrong Section.


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