A WW2 Rifle for under $300?

I am trying to find a world war 2 rifle for under $300. I would like it to be a bolt action rifle. If you know any could you tell me if i can find it at the Tulsa gun show. I know about the Mosin Nagant, but i am a little scare of the recoil. Also I would like it to be a standard issue rifle. My dad already has a springfield so I would like something different.


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i think you should seek a 6,5x55 swedish mauser. you can find model 96 (74cm barrel) or model 96/38, the best for me (600mm barrel) or else model 38 (built a bit cheap).
i had two model 96 and i still own a 96/38
the 6,5 SM is a very precise cartridge
i reload
and the firearm itself is very precise
i hit a 2,5cm bulleye seven times, one after another, at a 50 mt shooting range with metallic standard sights
and at the distance of 500 mt i hit 3 times (3 shots) the top of a car wreck - still with metallic sights, no scope
the 6,5 Swedish Mauser recoil is not as bad as a 30-06 or a 8x57
see and try a 96 or 96/38 swedish mauser you will understand what i say

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You should be able to obtain a really nice 8mm Mauser for under $300 in pretty good condition. Mausers were used by the germans and other axis powers, though. You probably couldn't get a US issue bold action ww2 rifle for that little, though.

Mausers are VERY reliable and VERY accurate, though. And ammo is cheap. BUT... the recoil... WILL put you in a world of hurt if you're not used to shooting large caliber rifles.

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saw a bolt action british enfield at pawn shop yesterday for under 300 get out and look around

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Try looking for a close counter gun cause I no the Automatics either not 4 sale or very expensive.

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Mosin Nagant is an excellent choice I've had one for several years and I don't think the recoil is any worse then then a 30-.06

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You might be able to go to an antique store or a pawn shop my father in law and uncle know a lot of stuff about guns they usually go to places like those but not always you may want to explore a little or look around before you go and buy anything. Be sure to make a deal and make sure that your not paying to much i think the price ranges for a world war 2 rifle is about 372 and 576 but if you can find someone that you can bargin with take a shot at it.

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most of the WW2 guns use the common 30-06 round if you can shoot that rifle you should not have a problem

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Look around you should be able to find a British Enfield (usually .303) for under $300. I have hunted with one and it was a flat shooting, hard hitting rifle, with a little bit of recoil but not too bad.

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Don't be afraid of the Mosin, its bark is worse than its bite (seriously, you may want to double up on hearing protection if you're shooting an M38 or M44). Between the rifle & surplus ammo available, there's not a better buy on the market.

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Recoil's not too bad on a mosin. You can buy a recoil pad if you are worried.

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try www.mitchellsmausers.com or www.gunbroker.com

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