A re the Bushmaster rifles in general a good gun.?

I was thinkin of getting one of there .223's and i wanted to know if it was a good gun. Easy to clean . Dosent jam. and accurate. An AR-15


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As far as AR-15s go, Bushmaster is at the top of the quality list. As far as not jamming, though, I'm not sure how dirty you want to run the gun. The fundamental design of the AR blows filthy exhaust gases back into the chamber where it collects. That's why there's a forward assist - to force a round to chamber when it's too dirty to do it under its own power.

If you're talking about a couple hundred rounds and then giving a good cleaning, you won't be disappointed in the Bushy.

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Bushmaster produces some of the best AR-15's out there. All the AR-15's are easy to clean and the Bushmaster line does not jamb under normal conditions. The 223 will be accurate yes, but I would suggest if target is your objective to purchase one with a bull barrel. They will be more target than the normal models.

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I second what the first two said, a close second place in my opinion is DPMS. Either are great guns. When you say accurate, if you mean like varminter, look for something with the 1 in 9" twist and preferably 20-24" barrel and if available, make it either a bull barrel or heavy barrel.

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AR-15's are easy to clean. All they require the user to do is split the upper and lower receivers. If you don't clean them often though, they tend to jam. I used to own one and I can tell you that they shoot different. Instead of spinning the bullet like other rifles, the bullet tumbles out of the muzzle, and it will blow the face of a soda can. The kick is pretty soft, their light, and they shoot .223s, which to me I was able to buy cheaply. Hope this helps.

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Yeah, they are some of the better AR type rifles out there. They are excellent shooters, and won't cost you an arm and a leg like some other higher quality brands. I have a Bushmaster XM-15 Carbine and have nothing but good to say about it.

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Bushmaster definately produces a quality weapon. I'm also very pleased with what S&W has come out with. I purchased the S&W M&P15 last summer and love it! I feel that as far as AR15/M4 style weapons are concerned, you can't go wrong with either Bushmaster, S&W or Colt.

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Bushmaster, Armalite, and S&W all make excellent AR-15s. But if you ever have a problem and need some help, Bushmaster has the best customer service and a lifetime warranty. S&W also has the lifetime warranty, but they suck at customer service.

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Bushmaster is about as good as you're likely to find, and the price certainly beats a few of the "inferior" brands.

You'll love it, all the best!

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I have a bushmaster carbine w/ 16 inch barrel, it has never jammed and I have fired somewhere around 1500+ rounds to this point. It is gas operated so for it to function properly you need to keep the gas tube, bolt and chamber area clean. This isn't hard to do just every few hundred rounds or so, when your done shooting for the day strip it down and clean it with a chamber brush and tooth brush and wipe off any remaining oil when your done. Getting the excess oil off is a priority due to oil collecting dust and powder residue which will cause a jam. Do not use oil in the gas tube, if you clean it at all use a dry pipe cleaner brush, I have never cleaned mine.

As for accuracy, I put a 18 power target scope on mine just to see how tight my rifle would group with some hand loads, and I was impressed to say the least... at 100 yards my best getting group is 3/8 inch, every group I fired using different load was under 1/2 inch, with the exception of 69 grain match bullets, those would not perform better than 3/4 inch. My rifle has 1 in 9 twist and likes 50-60 grain bullets and shines with hornady 60 v-max loaded with H335 powder.

If I had it to do over Id get a 20 inch v-match and may buy such a upper at some point in the future.

hope this helps

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These guns are great. They do not tumble bullets as one guy said. I have a few bushmasters, each with several thousand rounds on them. No complaints. My 16" m4 style will hold out past 500 yards easy with my 3x sight. The 20" i use for varmint hunting past 500 yards and get consistent kills. You won't be disappointed no matter what model you choose.

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