Airsoft gun help!?

Question:Of all these guns, besides the rifle, which is best?

Which would you get? Why?

Thanks in advance.


If i need a firing pin for AB-10 tec-9 where should i get one from i live in bucks county pa?

those guns are crap you can shoot your self at point blank range and it wont even draw blood

Can the Walther WA2000 really accept a sound suppressor like in so many popular movies and video games?

Best at what?? I've never understood the facination with these things. Other than being a tool for the local 7-11 holdup guy, why buy it? It's not a paint ball. It's not a real firearm, it's not even a good bb/pellet gun. Other than impressing a bank teller, I'd stay way from these things.

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