1894 30-30 winchester octigon # 202521 looking to know what this is worth?

I have recieved several old guns due to a death in the family. I know NOTHING about guns. The hand written information that came with this gun is 30-30 Winchester octigon barell (long tom) 1894 lever action # 202521 on action iron sight and peep sight 30 WCF nickel steel barell for smokeless powder. Gun looks to be in real good condition.Does anyone know what this might be worth? I have to sell the collection of guns and someone offered me $200.00 for this one. is this a good price? I'm so lost in this gun stuff so I would be so greatful for any help. Thanks


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Winchester Mdl. 1894 or Mdl 94 rifles came in many different variations. You state yours has a long octigon bbl how long? Does it have a full lenght mag tube, what style butt does it have. Has the bbl been shortened, what cond is the wood and blueing? Your rifle with ser# 202521 was manufactured in 1900. Your best bet is to get it apprased buy a qualified gun dealer. By the way the peep sight alone may be worth $200.

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I dont have any books on one that old, though i would say probably $1100- 2000, possibly more with bill of sale, any type of history,etc.

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Johnny's LYING, I'll give you $225 American green backs, right now!

Just kidding.... Honestly that's a pretty valuable piece, take it to a REPUTABLE dealer and get yourself an honest appraisal.

In the end, guns are like anything, its only worth what people are willing to pay. In this case, depending on the condition, it should fetch a fairly nice penny.... Collectors grade, with documentation? I'd have to agree with Johnny up there, probably in the $1500 range.

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No, $200 is way too low if the rifle is in good condition. Also, Winchester closed its door so there'll be no more 1894s from Winchester.

Although it is hard to appraise rifles without seeing them, an 1894 .30 Winchester Centerfire (.30-30 Winchester) with octagonal, nickel steel barrel would be closer to six or eight hundred conservatively.

Good luck.


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I have a friend who has the same gun. It's new, never been shot. Appraisal on it was $4,500.

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