Ah, isn't talking about how to fish, almost as pleasant as fishing?

Ah, the sisterhood and brotherhood of fishers. Is there anything more pleasant, other than a baby's coo?


Good stores to buy skateboards?

Yes it is.
Man is not an island, he likes to communicate.
Speaking of islands, be some good fishing on an island

Finding lovely questions written by people with charming attitudes is always nice too.

Where can I find luminous running vests,?


Backpack/Hiking Question...?

YOU BET.Fishing gets in your blood and has to be shared with as many people as possible.I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!My children love the sport too and I love then more than life itself I try to share my love of fishing with them as much as I can.

Good pigging spots?

I've never gotten sunburnt while talking about fishing.

Is there any site that I can get a black Dragunov sniper rifle for less than 400 dollars? please Awnser!!!

talking about fishing is good. almost as good as the look on a kid's face when they catch their first fish.

What is the most popular lure used to catch walleye?

love fishin..also love talkin about fishin...alll the stories....all the memories of losing the big one, fallin off the boat, hookin my friend in the arm..ahhhh..the memories!!
i actually want to fish now but its too f** cold!!!

Why is it important to look up and understand the weather before you go into the backcountry?

Not even close

What do I need to bring to float down the river?

Isn't just the talking it's the planning too Checking out tackle shops for some new device /lure that will make your trip a success , checking rods and reels are all in good order, talking with friends and family and getting the latest hot spots, and then the magic of being in such serene environs doesn't really matter if you come home empty handed there;s always next time, i better go check i have enough lures lol

I am going to ask this question 1 more time?

Right now it is with the temps the way they are here in Illinois. It is also a great way to get geared up for the spring run. There are always good memories and stories about fishing, thats why it is so great. Fisherman are good people, take care and good fishing to all !!

What fuel works best in a MSR whisperlitre internationale stove (besides the MSR superfuel)?

ah... yes. my friends Eric and Chris are the best people i have ever fished with. you meet so many interesting people. it keeps you alive. a good friend of mine is in his mid eighties and is still fishing! whenever i fish i just thank my uncle joe (1956-2004) who introduced me into the wonderful sport.

Can I shoot arrows out of my shotgun or rifle?

It has to be in your blood , otherwise you dont understand it.

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