I Was Watching the News on what happened in Virginia…?

Question:Here in the Chicagoland, they had a gun store owner that was saying that a person can unload a 15 round clip out of a handgun in under a second.

I’m not a handgun shooter at all, but I can’t even “pretend” to squeeze a trigger that fast. I believe the shooter had a 9mm and a 22 rimfire. I was thinking…

A person would have to “break” the trigger, which I believe a common trigger pull for a handgun is 5 pounds. Next, the person would have to recover from the recoil, which is about 6ft-lbs for a 9mm round. Finally, the person would have to recover from the recoil and aim the weapon in the general vicinity of the target.

A 22 rimfire might be a little easier as the recoil is only about 0.2 to 0.5 ft-lbs.

In reality, how fast can a person unload a 10 or a 15 round clip out of a handgun?

I just can't imagine being able to empty a clip that fast. I don't think it helps the image if gun owners when someone says this on the news either.


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Hey Slider ...Bound's hubby here:

It sounds like you got caught in a popular misconception like my students did this morning. Everyone keeps thinking that all the victims were in a single room.

Remember ... the shooter went room to room ... firing a couple of shots in each room. Sadly to say, he probably could have inflicted the same level of carnage with a revolver! From what I read, it sounds like he never used the .22.

But to answer your question about speed shooting ... about 18 years ago, at a local indoor range we commandeered, we had novelty shoots ... one week bowling pins, 1 week PPC, another week steel plates. Our best shooter, if I remember correctly, used a Glock 17 and could drop 5 plates with 5 shots in about 4 seconds ...

I think your Chicagoland gunstore owner contributed too much to the windy city's reputation!

What really surprised me was when I went on the BATFE website, and found out that resident aliens can legally purchase firearms in the US ... I thought that was an exclusive right of American citizens!

EDITED TO ADD: Here is the BATFE link that I referred to! http://www.atf.gov/firearms/newsletter/1...

Have a good one!

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well if there is a group of people and ur wrist is strong then there should be no problem

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all i can say is wow!
how'd u think of that?

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only if the setting was on automatic would under a second be possible for non aimed firing 10-15 rounds is usually gone in 8-10 seconds for novices for trained shooters its a little quicker.

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my question is how many guns did he have when he killed 'em.he killed 33 ppl and himself..so is it possible to kill that many ppl with one gun?did he like refill it really quick?

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A-u-t-o-m-a-t-i-c, get it?

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woah... um step back a second... you cant unload a 15 shot manual trigger gun in one second.. impossible unless it was automatic...

But the truth is.. the gun he had... he could shoot the whole clip in 6 seconds and then reload both guns in 2 seconds... so in 8 seconds he could have killed like 20 people... but he actually took a while longer like hours to kill all those people...

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That guy's full of Sh!t even the full auto 9mm Glock does not have have a fast enough cycle rate to empty a magazine that fast. People just say what the anti-gun media whats so they can be on TV

Are you catching any yet??

You can change one empty magazine (clip) to a full one in one second, but you can't shoot a 15 rd. clip in that time, not even an expert. If he used 1 bullet for every person (which is unlikely) he had to reload 4 times, maybe more in more than one shot in each person.
If only one other person had a defensive gun, he could not have killed all those people. He would have been killed first. But NOOOOO!. The damn libtards don't want a victim to shoot a poor criminal. That's just one more reason to never vote for a liberal or Dimocrit that is against guns!!

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I have to agree, that emptying 15 rounds from almost any gun under a second (let alone a Glock) is mis-information.

It would be impossible from a semi-auto Glock - even if he did not bother to aim it, rather just "pull and spray", and even if it was a full-auto Glock (which it was NOT).

One of the few guns I can think of that MIGHT be able to fire 15 rounds under a second, would be the military's "Mini-gun" (rotating, multi-barrel machine gun). There is nothing even remotely close to that, available to citizens on a regular basis (without a BATF stamp, Class III, whatever you might call it).

Unfortunately, it seems the gun store owner was simply feeding more mis-information about guns to the already biased and 99% WRONG news media. Even on FNC earlier, they mentioned a "22mm" handgun - that must have one hell of a recoil!

My fastest time so far, in a plate competition, was using a 12ga shotgun - I knocked over 5 "popper" plates with five shots in 2.82 seconds. I don't think there's too much room for improvement - and no way you'll get 15 rounds off under a second from a semi-auto.

On the other note, I knew resident aliens could purchase guns - only because I was in a store when one was purchasing a firearm. Needless to say, I didn't like that allowance then, and I certainly do not like it now.

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Well curiosity got the best of me so I went outside(i live in the country, don't all you anti gun heads get any stupid ideas) and loaded 15 rounds into my gf's glock 19. She timed me at it took 4.4 seconds standing still and 7.9 seconds movings the gun around aiming. I've been shooting that gun for 3 years and i'd say i'm pretty good at it, not sure how long that guy had the gun or practiced but I'd have to say no way you'd get it emptied in one second let alone one second moving it around attemping to aim at things. I'm also shocked about resident aliens being able to purchase guns, that's one of the first things I thought of when I heard he was one. The second thing I though of was oh crap here goes the gun laws again, better buy them up before we get a democrat president *sigh*. Have a good night/day

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7-9 seconds sounds about right for my Springfield doing the instinctive shooting thing. Not perfectly aimed shots, but still putting it in the black.

I also have to agree with MANY people on here these past 2 days, what got a majority of these kids killed was their inability to defend thselves.

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Automatics and Semi Automatics are banned here in Australia (legally) Thanks to Martin Bryant !! (Bless his soul...NOT) So i would love to answer this question but i cant!! As i am a law abiding citizen.(If you asked this 5 years ago i could have given you an answer)

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As a IPSC/USPSA shooter, I have a shot timer. In practice, shooting at one target at 7 yards I can shoot one round every .09 of a second. However this is at one target, if transitioning to a second target, the transition takes me about half a second before sights are aligned on target. This is with a glock 40 cal model 35 lightly customized.

So I would say a ten round mag could be emptied with in 1 to 1.5 of a second easy.

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First, what your man in Chicago said is IMPOSSIBLE. How can I make this statement without fear of being incorrect? Simple, most submachine guns, which are fully automatic, only fire TEN BULLETS PER SECOND. Any faster than that and they get pretty unmanageable. So, it is impossible to empty a ten or 15 round magazine out of a semi-automatic pistol in one second.

Now to your question, in reality how fast can a person unload 10 or 15 rounds? As fast as he can pull the trigger. Enough said about that. We don't want to give the liberals any more ammo.

That said, rapid successive fire is hard on a gun. You can 'burn' out a barrel by doing that after only a couple of 50 round boxes of ammo. I knew a guy who burned out the barrel of his 1911 .45 acp this way.

Things are rapidly reverting to 'old west' days when self-preservation meant being armed. This is what the law-makers need to learn, instead of legislating useless laws concerning gun ownership by law-abiding citizens and limiting ammo capacity of magazines.


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i'm in shock that resident aliens can buy guns. thaks bound for educating me. maybe that's one gun law the anti's can have...

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