whats the best way to remove rust off my rifle this is some tough rust i even tried Gunslick Gun-Foam


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I use a light oil and very fine steel wool. Once you cure the rust, it's best to use some cold blue to touch up. I find Oxophoro Blue to be the best, and it's better to swab it on the metal after heating the metal area with a hair dryer or a hot light bulb.

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Does it have a blue finish or stainless? If stailess a very mild abrasive. If blue you are going to have to soak the parts for awhile and then use lots of elbow greese.

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CLP (Cleaner lubricant, Protectant Ask at a sporting goods store they should know what it is.), a stiff wire brush, and a dental pick for the hard to reach spots.

What can I do?

Light rust spots can be removed with a common #2 lead pencil. Scratch spot with lead then use the eraser and wipe with silicon cloth. Heavier rust: If possible remove from stock. Soak in WD-40 spray lub and wrap in clean, old T-Shirt overnight or longer. Wipe clean using soft to medium bristle brush as needed. Wipe clean, de-grease and re-blue.

Good luck.


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As DJ stated very fine steel wool works great, make sure you put some oil on the area and let it set for awhile and when you do use the steel wool start off with very light pressure, you might be able to save some of the blueing.

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Man you got a gun case or a trash bin you should have taken care of them a long time ago

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