whats the best stuff to shine the wood on my rifle its a winchester model 67 1934


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I use furniture paste wax. I think I've had the same can of Johnson's for 10 years. Rub it one per directions and shine it up. It help waterproof the wood some too. It's made for finme furniture and wood floors, so it's perfect for you stock.

Gun oil will eventually riun the finish and the wood...keep the gun oil off the wood.

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use gun oil~same as the barrel~i use Hopes

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Tung oil if you can find it, or linseed oil, or just plain old gun oil.

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do u have a license for that??

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well if ur really cheap use pledge wood polish but if u go to a gun shop or a sportsman wearhouse im sure there would be something to shine ur gun w/.

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If your not wanting to strip it down and refininsh it then just use a good quality furniture polish.That will protect it and give it a pretty nice shine.If it's scratched up you can try buffy it out with some super fine steel wool,then use polish.

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Do not use gun oil on your stock it will penetrate and soften the wood. On harder recoiling firearms, this is one reason stocks crack.

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