how good is a 410 gauge shotgun please give me the good things and bad things about it im thinking of buying one


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I own a 410 double barrel. I live on a farm and its concidered my house gun. Its great for snakes rabbits hairs and anything else small and close distance. It dosn't have much recoil. Its a great size if your just getting started and a great way to step up to a 12 gauge. It really depends on why you want it. Honestly i think its a great gun for a girl and i love it! Oh... and its not as noisy as a 12 gauge.
cheers Katie

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I used to have one a long time ago. I liked it because it didn't have much kick to it.

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I have nothing bad to say about a .410 shotgun, especially one that is loaded with #4 Shot. They are good for hunting jackrabbits and crows, have no recoil, and are good for carrying as a self-defense weapon in the back country against bobcats, badgers, and mountain lions. I recommend a .410 Over and Under.

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If you are a beginer a 410 would not be the best choice for you. It is difficult to score a hit on a moving target and it has a very light load of shot and a limited effective range. If you are looking for your first shotgun I would recomend a 20 gauge, it is a good gun for beginners with light recoil and a decent shot payload. If you are new to shooting the 410 will most likely lead to a lot of frustration because of the difficulty to make good shots. But if you have done some shooting before and are looking for a challenge I say go for it.

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How good is the .410 gauge shotgun? Which shotgun? The caliber is a decent, small-bore shotgun suitable for dispatching snakes and small varmint or taking small game at close range: Rabbit, hare, game birds. A four-ten is handy (but not indispensable) if you live on a farm or ranch.

Good points: Light recoil (compared to the .20, .16, .12 and .10 gauge). Relatively quiet. Decent home-defense shotgun especially in the double-tube (intimidation factor).

Bad points: Relatively small for a shotgun. Limited loads (bird-shot plus some loads in like #4 shot and, I'm not sure this is available anymore, single 'pumpkin-ball' dubious for 'larger' game).

If you're buying a new one try to get one rated for 3" shell.s Good luck.


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They are great,i had a Baikal single and you could fire it with one hand no recoil whatsoever.

You can even get slugs for it!

Rat gun really, along with the old 9mm shottys.

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This is an awesome shotgun! I started hunting with one when i was 12.Its great for rabbit,squirrel,and even ducks and pheasants if their close.If you hunt goose and turkey,I would think about getting a 12 gauge or even a 20 gauge.The bad things not many just not as powerful as the bigger gauges.just remember the weapon you use is only as good as you.take your time and enjoy your choice!good luck hunting or target shooting.

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have a good place between 20ga. and a rifel game up to rabbits if your good you can hunt birds i have 2

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its the best shotgun for slug deer hunting

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