About Air or Airsoft guns at wal-mart? Will they work fine?

is there going to be a problem with air gun at wal mart if i buy it? are they ok? because most products at wal mart are crappy ( cuz made in china). which one is the best gun/brand in wal mart?


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I got one of those guns they are kinda cool I can shoot my buddies and * yeah they're kinda crappy but hey its just for fun

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My younger brother has bought airsoft guns from Wal-Mart and has never had a problem with them.

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Wal-Mart guns are actually pretty good in quality. as you can probably tell they dont shoot the hardest or the farthest but they are reliable and tons of fun for a relaxed skirmish or just for playing around

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i like my air soft from wally mart but it doesn't shoot the farthest that is the only bad part about them for a cheap air soft gun i would go to wally mart but if you want a good air soft gun i wouldn't go to wally mart

Help! Buying New Airsoft Gun?

there is nothing and i mean nothing at wal-mart or made in china that is is any good if you want a good air gun look for the "Made in USA" sticker and you won't be dissapointed

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wal mart aint all that bad, but the air soft guns are kinda good if its just for fun, but if you want to step up with the big boys, go to academy.

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We had a kid come and try out for our team. he had gotten his gun at walmart, it was a clear M16 looking thing. he told us that he had spent less than $100 on all his gear, he then laughed at me when i told him that there wasn't a person on the team that had spent less than $500 and I had spent $1200 on my sniper setup. he kept laughing up until the point when he realized that his gun would put out 6 bbs each time he shot. the first one would go 20 feet before it hit the ground and the rest would just roll out of his gun. he then started crying when he realized that I was picking him off from over 100 yards away. Moral of the story; if you want to play with the big boys, get a big boy gun, not a kids toy.

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Wrong Section.


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