?357 Mag?

I have a new taurus 357 mag snub how do I sell it for what its worth. besides ebay is there a web site or sites. What are my options?


Anyone a lifeguard?

You will NEVER get anything over 50% at a pawn shop and a gun show is full of people that live for guns so they know what it is worth. I think (it's worked for me 100s of times) your best bet is put the word out with some friends and some people at work. I once bought a CZ52 for $175 and sold it to a guy at work for $250 and he was happy to get it. You should ask for $25-$50 more that what you want then let them talk you down that way they think they got a great deal and everyone is happy.

Does anyone else enjoy nailing a target 1,000 yds away with a .50 cal?

Ebay is not an option. They definitely don't sell guns, I'm not sure if local guns shops do buying.

I bought a glow in the dark frisbee today, anyone up for a game now?

Pawn shop or gun show. You will probably get more at a gun show.

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Why must we hunt these delicious little creatures?

Try gunbroker.com

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