Adding a reel to a crappie pole?

I have an Apache crappie pole -- is it possible to add a reel bought from a store to it instead of pulling the line out of the water yourself? Just wondering. If I can do this, what's the best and cheapest reel I can use for this (a little or medium sized one are fine)?


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sure you can. crappie poles,some are built with reel seats as some are not but if your don't have one you can make your own. first go buy a reel then when you have chosen one set it in place were you want it, then add some garila glue to the bottom of the reel , then use electrict tape and tape the reel to the pole then wait for it to dry. what i have found that sportman warehouse sell cheap reels, i dont mean chep brand. they sell good reels for cheap go buy the diwa ABS one, I got that one for $10 and it work real good.

good luck and happy fishin

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thay make crappie reels , just look around or go to walmart

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i dont know that u can adda rell to some crappie poles.some are not built with reel seats as some are.
here is a link that have some that come with reels.also there are reels for the crappie rods sold seperately.

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Fishing for crappie has been done for years by simply taping any old reel available to your rod. I believe it's called a Tennessee style rod.
Position reel in a place that feels comfortable for hand size and rod weight. Keep it balanced slightly towards the butt end of rod. When it comes to reels anything in a spinning reel for around $20 from Wal-Mart will work fine.

Here's a picture to show how it looks when done right.

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