A lion is chasing a gazelle... Who do you hope wins?

I usually root for the lion


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first and foremost the lion will only chase the gazelle if there is something wrong with it broken leg or sick or old and suffering
so with those facts i would chose the lion because the gazelle
was suffering already so why make the lion starve to death

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The Lion. The gazelle is the lion's food, and he needs to accept this.

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a lone lion would never catch a gazelle. lions run about 35 miles an hour and gazelles about 50. But with all that said how can you not root for the lion.

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I hope that the lion wins and that the gazelle puts up a good fight to make the effort worth it.

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The gazelle, they are so beautiful. Let the lion eat wilderbeest. : )

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Well.... why would the lion be chassing the gazelle to start with when they will basicly run right to their plate ? Funny video, check it out !!!


Lion wins I think, but hey the gezelle sure did cover some ground quick !

Then again, maybe not ?


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I always thought it would be fascinating to view a large animal of a predatory nature (preferably from the feline family) stalk and kill their prey (as long as it wasn't me lol). I read that mountain lions stalk their prey much the same way that domestic cats do. If anyone has a cat they know how that is: they watch for a while(very slyly), follow, then at the opportune moment wiggle their butts and Pounce! My cat can catch the quickest fly!

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