.505 Gibbs round..and me trying to explain myself better!?

Question:Ok,ok....seems i havent been clear enough.

So,the Lott is a distinct possibility for me,yes, and i have no intention of wildcatting it, my point is merely,what are its limits, and how does it compare to the .505 Gibbs?

Now, the Gibbs can be loaded successfully up to 2,600 fps with a 600gr bullet.

This is way above and beyond the Lott. Larger bullet diameter too.

I have no interest in loading up either round, but my question is, can it be done? i.e. with the 550 action, can such heavy loads be withstood with no problems, that is no problems for the action/rifle itself?

For the .505 reaming of the chamber and barrel is needed. Chamber only for the Lott. 505 has a much lower psi than the Lott, though.

So, im saying, i dont want to find my 505 exploding or something! I know the Lott runs fine, but wondered if this is also the case with max load rounds.(i.e. proofing rounds)


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The CZ action is from a company a few miles down the road from the ZK, but the actions are pretty well identical. They make 3 action sizes, one for 30-06 length, one for 375 H&H length, and one for 416 Rigby length cartridges, all based on the Mauser 98 action. Plenty of metal. You're not trying to fit that long cartridge in a short action, like Selby's 416 in his non-magnum length action. Look at the AHR (American Hunting Rifles) website. They use the CZ action to build some rifles for very large, very hot cartridges. If you're going to worry, worry about the wood, not the metal. There have been some reports of the "smaller" 416 in the non-DGR rifle, without cross-bolts, having stocks fail.

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So, what model are you buying? Going on a safari? Are there black rhino or Cape buffalo in your backyard?

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Please don't misinterpret my questioning, I am trying to help you. I am either misunderstanding your question or misunderstanding your intentions. I don't know everything there is to know about African hunting but I have been on safari 6 times to 5 different countries. I believe I can help you clear things up since you seem to be hung up with the numbers.

What is your intended use for this rifle? If hunting, What are you hunting? Which country and what region? What time of year? Are you large framed? average size? what is your height, weight, age, physical conditioning? These criteria are important to keep in mind when choosing a rifle/caliber.

Yes, you can probably extract a few more fps out of any factory loading. Personally, I would not give up reliability of a factory loaded round over a few more feet per second of a handload.

In more than 32 years of hunting I have NEVER seen a factory round misfire. I have forgotten how many handloaders/hunters I have seen in camp complaining at the diner table of "the big one" they missed because the gun went "click" instead of "bang" due to a bad handload.
There is NO ROOM for this when you are 15 yds from a tembo, mbogo, or simba in vegetation so thick that you can hear their stomach rumbling but you can not see them! In fact I know two PH that will NOT hunt with you if you are shooting handloads.

If you have not been hunting dangerous game before please thoroughly comprehend that you may be coming back home inside a cardboard box if something goes wrong with your rifle or ammo. There is ZERO room for malfunctions or hesitation.

Hope to hear from you. tembo61@yahoo.com

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