.22 Magnum Revolver. I want to purchase one. What do you recommend?


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I would recommend the Ruger single six conversion, you get two cylinders one is 22 LR the other is 22 Magnum by changing out the cylinders you can shoot either ammo.
Allowing you to shoot the cheaper 22LR ammo for more practice.
This is a top Quality weapon.
Link attached.


That is my thoughts on the subject.


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I like the taurus 941 revolver myself, especially the one with a 5 inch barrel. Antoher good recommendation of mine would be the Single Action Ruger Single Six convertible .22 LR/.22 Magnum that comes with two cylinders, one for each type of bullet

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Ruger makes nice revolvers, but pricey.
Do you have a Bass Pro Shop or Cabellas near you to ask the sales person.?

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Depends on how much money you want to spend. They can be reasonable and effective, or pricey and effective. All will give you the same results. The shorter the barrel the more kick. The longer the barrel the straighter it shoots for longer distance. Autos are good compact weapons for concealing. Revolvers are good for hunting and dependable if one miss fires you always have 5 more with out a jam. Just shop around.. Remember , Ruger, Smith and Wesson, Colt, all good quality weapons but you pay for the name, if you get a Taurus, its just as good but not near as pricey. All a matter of what your looking for and what your using it for.

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http://www.naaminis.com/bwmm.html... get a black widow or a minimaster from north american arms. i got a black widow, and its really reliable, fits well in the hand and just feels really nice and solid, its definately a nice little gun. you can buy it with or with out a .22lr/.22wmr conversion and adjustable sights.

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Get a Ruger New Model Single-Six. You are in luck because the barrel of that model favors the ever-so-slightly wider dimension on the .22WMR slug (roughly .001-.002" more in diameter than LR). This is common in convertible revolvers (.357/9mm, .45ACP/.45Colt) from Ruger and the winner in accuracy is always the fatter round (even if "fatter" means .001-.002" more in diameter).

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I agree with the Ruger Single Six Convertible. In blued or stainless steel, you will be hard pressed to find a nicer, safer, cowboy style revolver. And the price is way more reasonable than Smiths and Colts and lifetime service policy with good, 'fast' service. Get the high polish stainless model with 5", 6", or longer barrel. They're little sweet shooting guns.

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Get the Ruger with both 22 magnum and 22 LR cylinders. There's very little difference in performance, the 22 mag is significantly louder, and after the "new" wears off, you'll want to shoot the 22 LR almost exclusively.

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Go with the Ruger. They are the best.

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Ruger single six with a .22 mag cylinder with it i have one with a 9'' barrel and love it

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