.2 Mag or WMR? What's the big difference in handgun selection?

What do you prefer?


Has anyone used the barnes 85 grain triple shock in a 243 winchester for deer, if not what bullets do you?

The proper, complete name for 22WMR is .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire. Since the complete name is quite a mouthful it is commonly referred to as 22mag. It is the same round and I will add, a great one for small game hunting.

Wheres the nearest place to Hamilton that is famed for catching 7foot tiger sharks?

.22 mag and .22 WMR are the same thing. Two different names for the same round.

There is a reasonable amount of revolvers chambered in it. Taurus carries a few. Not a ton of selection though. If I were looking for a small calibre revolver I'd just get .22LR. You're just using it for the range I assume? Neither is a self-defence round that you can rely on.

Where are the best fishing spots around dartmouth?

they are the same thing. there are also .22lr and .22 short. .22mag(wmr) can have full metal jackets and better penetration.

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