.38 Snub Questions? And it was used in the Godfather!?

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Well after playing the game and watching the movie as usual I get in these weird moods where I go I want one! This happens in all movies with guns in them. Anyway so when I get older and I get intrested in buying old .38 Snub Revolvers I would like to know A. How accurate is it from 5-30yards. B. How expensive are they and C. How well do they shoot.

In the Godfather the game I will go on a mission and I will get in a big fire fight and I will run out of ammo with all of my guns except the .38 Snub and so when I pull it out I have to reload it 2 times before the other guy from the Tattalia's will go down. So is the .38 snub really that poor at accuracy at a long range?
And FYI it looks like a small revolver so don't think that its some other gun!


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Snubbies come in two configurations (generally speaking): The five shot cap, and the six shot cap. Barrel lengths are generally 2 to 2 n 1/2 inches. Common calibers are .38 Special and .357 Magnum. Of course, the mag will be a bit bulkier.

Colt made the snubbie famous with their "Dick Special" popular with characters like Dick Tracy (fictional comic book detective) and the fact that it is a fairly compact model with six round capacity. Smith & Wesson made five shot models like the Chief's Special which were smaller & easier to conceal. Both had the 2" barrel.

When I worked for the Edinburg Police back in the Sixties, our meterman carried a Chief's Special. He claimed he could hit something the size of a refigerator at fifty yards by holding his snubbie high. At 25 yards you could actually see the old wadcutter .38 Special bullets just before they hit the paper target.

I own a .38 Special Colt Detective Special and am holding on to it more for collector's interest than practical application. If needed I do have non-P+ personal defense ammo from Federal to load in it. I hardly ever shoot it now, as I am more enamorated of my Colt Pythons and Ruger Security Six .357 Mag with a 2 n 3/4" barrel. That one is right on at 15 yards with 125 grain hollowpoints.

Prices should run between 4 n 5 hundred depending on make n model.



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The .38 snub nose is a small, compact revolver, holds 5 shots and is chambered in the .38 special. Revolver makers such as Colt and S&W have made many of these.

First of all, you're just a kid that plays too many video games. If shot properly, you should be able to hit someone and knock them down with the 5 shots you have. In case you didn't notice, Video games and movies are unrealistic.


Here's one available for $300.

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A .38 is very accurate up to 50 yards. They run around $400.00 and they have a slight kick. I own one and like it.

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Stub noses can actually be quite hard to shoot accurately. Every bit of movement transfers to that light, short barreled little gun and trying to hit something dead center at 30 yards can be tricky for a lot of people. The stub nose is more of a close range, self protection gun in my opinion.

I'd recommend a .357 magnum revolver with a 5" or 6" barrel. Check out Smith & Wesson. That way you can shoot both the cheaper and milder .38s and the powerful .357 magnums. In case you watch Dirty Harry you'll have a nice magnum to play with at the range along with your .38s all in one gun.

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My wife has a .38 S&W snub, pretty good little gun. I can put some tight little groupings at 25 yards and under. I've found the accuracy becomes increasing diminished the further you get (after 25 yards). I think she paid somewhere in the $400 range for hers a few years back.

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self defence at cloes range there fine i dont want to sound like John wesley but in a real gunfight over 35-40 feet if your taking fire a hit with any hand gun is 80% luck Rule 1 stay out of trouble Rule 2 Dont bet your life on a 2 in barrel 38 5 shot I wont mention anything else you sure aint going hunting or competion shooting with it S.D. at close range thats all its good for and its border line for that

ill let the macho guys have it now they can probley shoot a clover leafe at 150 yards with one 20 feet hit a beer can 5 out of 5 ill give you $ 20. a throwing knife is more accurate


SNUBBYS are for shooting from 5 -30 feet,not yards.You probably couldn't hit a door at 50 yards.Go get one if you absolutely have to have one,but if you want to hit anything go for something with a 5 or 6 inch barrel.

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