.38spl/.357 differences?

so a .38 spl will fit into a .357.. how much longer is the .357magnum cartridge? is there just a .357 standard round (not magnum) and wouldn't it just be a .38spl, or maybe a hotter loaded .38spl round? will a gun that fits .38spl +p fit .357magnum rounds? would it be too hot to fire or is a .38spl structurally stable enough for it?


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If you put a 357 slug, into a 38, You will not make the same mistake twice.

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You would need to check your gun and the manufacturer to see what it can handle. Typically a .38/.357 will take any ammo with those specifications. The only thing the +p is doing is giving the bullet some added oomph which you will feel when you shoot it. If you are looking for the added oomph, just shoot the .357's since the .357 will be a noticeably stronger (with more kick).

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wow u knowe ur guns umm * i wouldent put magnum rounds in the .38 special i dont know if its stable enough hold on ill ask my dad he deals guns and collcts hem and * hell know

yea he says dont do it if u do u wont ever want to touch that gun again lol it wont be so fun :) sry

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you can fire a 38 special round from a 357 mag. but not the other way around

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No, the pressure is likely too high.

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well there is a thing called headspace that's the reason you can't do it in older model guns the cylinders were shorter so you wouldn't think about doing this in todays market they use the same frame for alot of calibers but this gives you a false perspective of things.

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The 357 mag is a few mm longer, intentionally so it couldnt be inadvertly loaded in a 38. 38 & 38+p can be used in a 357 in fact it makes for cheap practice. If you have a 38 & it is not specifically marked for +p I would stay with standard loadings. With a good 125hp the 38 will diffuse most situations satisfactorly

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DO NOT use .357 rounds in a .38. Not if you enjoy your hands/face the way they are.

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