Im going fishing on monday at wales need to know whats the best time to go and the best bait to use for bass?

going to penmon point fishing of rocks


What is your favorite handgun caliber and why?

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Largemouth Bass that get around 14 lbs and up are mostly night time feeders because they want to stay away from being seen .

The will sometimes cruise during the day when they leave their dens, but at night around 3:00 AM in the morning, they are just below the surface of lakes and ponds lookinf for fsh to feed on . You can use a Top Water Buzz bait or Zara Spook and your guranteed to get more hits on lunkers than any other time of the day.

Biggest bass?

If you are not going alone dusk or dawn,peeler crab or squid ,sand eel or lugor rag worm, take all these andsee which is best.

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