22magnum rifle mod.59s.n.ho15465 amdorossis interarms?

this is a rifle that i am trying to find imfo if i can, any help would be great. THANKS


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INTERARMS - Previous importer and distributor located in Alexandria, VA, from circa 1962-1999.
Interarms imported a multitude of trademarks and models since the early 1960s. Most of the models were recent importsand include FEG, Howa, Rossi, Helwan, and Walther.
ROSSI - Current trademark manufactured by Amadeo Rossi S.A., located in Sao Leopoldo, Brazil. Currently imported exclusively by BrazTech, International beginning late 1998, located in Miami, FL. Previously imported by Interarms, located in Alexandria, VA.
Rossi MODEL 59
- .22 Mag. version of Model 62 SA, copy of Win. 1890 "gallery" model, 10 shot mag., 5 1/2 lbs. Importation disc. 1998.
Grading 100% .98% .95% .90% .80% .70% .60%
.....$220 .$170 .$130 .$120 .$110 ..$100 .$90

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I think that's a Rossi Model 59 in .22 magnum. Interarms is the US company that imported them.they have to stamp their name on them to sell them in the US. No longer on Rossi's product offerings.so it's been discontinued.

If it is a pump-action "gallery gun" then I'm correct.

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Rossi is a Brazilian firm, Interarms having imported a lot of their products. They've slimmed down their product line and farmed some over to Taurus, the other big firearms firm in Brazil, but I don't think either one is still making the model 59. I know Rossi used to make a copy of the Winchester model 63, for instance, that Taurus has taken over, but I'm not having any luck with the 59 either. Sorry.

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