9mm range/accuracy?

I know practical accuracy is measured at 7 to 25 yards. However, I curious to see if anyone had tested a 9mm beyond the 25 yd range? I have read that many 1911 .45acp models (such as Les Baer, Ed Brown, etc) can achieve under 2 inches at 50 yds. I would like to know how the finer 9mm handguns compare to the 1911's at that range. This is just a curiosity to me and any info you can provide would be appreciated.


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Most of the better handguns are more accurate the the person shooting them.
I have owned Glocks, Berettas, CZs, S&W, 9mm pistols. Usually, after a practice session, I would set up a 50 yard target for just giggles. I would fire five round strings from a seated rest. Holding the front sight on the head of my IPSC target would produce groups in the chest area of the target. I could get groups about 6 to 8 inches across. These were all stock guns. The Glock, with its striker action produced the largest group. The trigger action is not conductive to long range shooting. The Beretta, a 92D, double action only, was about the same. The double action trigger was very smooth but heavy. The S&W, standard semi auto action, was second best. The trigger is stiff and somewhat creepy. The CZ would consistantly shoot the smallest groups. Also a standard semi auto action. The trigger, however, was light and crisp.
As a side note, my 1952, Colt National Match, 45ACP would shoot 3 inch groups all day with my 200 grain semi wadcutter reloads.
My sometimes concealed carry revolver is a S&W 940, a 9mm revolver no longe made by S&W. I have tried this snubby out at 50 yards. I hit the target all five times, but won't brag about the group.

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It’s not the caliber that makes the small groups.
It’s the quality of the weapon that does this.
Any good quality weapon set up for fine accuracy will do it in spite of the caliber.
I have 4 different calibers of hand gun that will shoot small groups off a rest at 50 yards and further with easy.
22 caliber semi auto , 357 magnum revolver , 45ACP semi auto and even a 308winchester in a single shot Encore pistol.
Competition barrel and trigger and good ammo you would be amazed at just how accurate a pistol can be.
I hunt Deer and wild hog with the 357 magnum and the 308 Winchester and squirrel and rabbit with the 22 pistols I have.
Some weapons are just not designed for fine accuracy but others are.
Hope this was of some help.


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interesting fact the 9mm has a rise at 100 yards so i would think that a 9mm would be a great paper puncher when shooting over 50 yards

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To add to (D58) message, everything he said is correct, the only topic he did not touch on that has a huge factor on the accuracy also is the shooter.
Proper stance, proper trigger pull, proper breathing, proper follow thru. This all adds up to the final answer. Accuracy

Goodluck and Godspeed

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I'm in the process of doing exactly that. Like you, I just want to know, when the 9mm Parabellum first came over from Europe there was this super build-up about what it would do. When I bought an automatic a while back, I placed it in the hands of two Master class shooters. These guys proceeded to shoot at metal silhouette 75 meters away. One said to the other, " Aim high". I'm now using a 9mm TC to work up loads(had to find loadbooks) that I can build for the auto.
Okay, I didn't do this- I saw a man shoot metal silhouette at 40 meters with automatics(I believe they were 9mm) and consistently hit. But he was a pro, most shooters don't fare that well.
True,accuracy is a combination of factors.

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The vast majority of 9MM handguns are double action or striker fired. The triggers on them don't lend themselves to accuracy like the single action trigger you see on the .45 models you mentioned. That doesn't mean that they are less accurate, just harder for most people to shoot that accurately.

There are 1911s in 9MM you can get however and I feel like with the attention of a knowledgeable gunsmith they would do quite well at punching paper at 50 yards.

Bullseye shooters like the larger caliber however. All the round has to do is to "break the line" to count for the higher point and you just punch a bigger hole with the .45. But as far as measuring the group "center to center" I don't think that the .45 has any mechanical advantage over the 9MM.

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