300 RUM questions?

Anyone have any experience or opinion on the 300 Rem Ultra Mag? I've owned 3 different 300 WinMag rifles and they just were not what I wanted, so I'm wanting to build a custom and chamber it for 300 RUM. The ballistics of the RUM seem to be right where I want them compared to the WinMag, but I haven't heard much about what shooters think of it. I want more than the WinMag, but not as much as a 338 WinMag or Lapua. Also, what about brass? Does any company besides Remington make brass for the 300 RUM, like Lapua or any other higher grade? Here's my blueprint for my next rifle, so feel free to give any thoughts on it. Nesika Bay receiver, Lilja barrel, Nightforce NXS scope, Jewel trigger, McMillan A5 stock, and some kind of muzzle brake.


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I have a Remington 300 rum Stainless Fluted Sendaro barrell with a muzzel break, a 6.5-20x50 Leupold VXIII, Harris long bipods.and love it . I use all remington brass and cant tell u how much i have reloaded it. No stretching or crack on them only a few have cracked and i pitched them.
Check with Midway USA or Cabelas for brass. I use IMR 7218 Powder 89.4(of course start lower and work up) grains and Combined Technology 180 Grain Ballistic Tip Boat Tail coated bullets(ballistic coefficient is about .50), Federal Magnum primers. Not sure of the FPS, no Chrony. I have the shot down cold. I shot a buzzard this deer season @ 493 yards. Pretty much exploded him and I got some great pictures. Your talking about spending some big money on the rig your wanting to build. Are you going to do competition shoots? Of course my gun right now is worth if purchased new $2,000. Good luck

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Nosler makes the brass in a higher grade than the Remington. Here is a link for Midway.


I have no input for the 300 Ultra Mag as I have always went with the 300 Weatherby Mag. Im not sure they make a better .30 caliber round, but thats just my opinion.

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In the game of one-upsmanship, the 300 RUM comes close to the 30-378 Weatherby, but I can't for the life of me figure why these barrel-burners are popular. What (off-paper) use do you have for it? Certainly not hunting, where the 30-06 is all the 30 caliber anybody would ever need. If you want to go bigger but not to 338, there's always the old 8mm Remington Magnum, though it's pretty well a dead duck, or the 8x68 S, for which brass (only from RWS) is becoming a bit of a problem but not insurmountable.

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