How much should i sell gunpowder for?

Ahh well yes and no was a reasonable rifle for its time range was reletively good, took a lot of maintenence though (a lot of cleaning of the moving parts), if looked after was very robust and reliable. for second world war technology you couldnt go past most of the german issue weapons, consiquently it was from a german design that the ak 47 was made, arguably the best overall assault rifle ever produced. But thats another debate

How do you make a fishing net from mesh.?

yes i have one. they are nice and cheap and lot's of fun. my friend has one and has never had a problem with it. the ammo is cheap... 7.62x54r

Are you willing to travel to Mexico to compete in Adventure Sports competitions?

Compared to the others like the Mauser's, Arisaka's, 1903's Lebel's, Enfields? I'd say avg. Not best, but not the worst.

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