Airsoft ak-47 spring rifle?

why will an AK-47 spring rifle not be verygood? if not a spring rifle than which one(that i can take to an arena for airsoft wars


In regards to gun scopes, what does MOA mean?

ok what dose this have to do with hunting

Weffriddles level 22?

You better get a good one. These things break easily and are junk.

Crayfish question?

All these damn airsoft question really should be in the "toys" section. But I feel nice today, so I'll give you an answer. For airsoft battles you want to have some kind of automatic gun, either battery or gas operated. The battery operated ones tend to be cheaper but not as powerful and accurate as gas powered ones. If you don't have a lot to spend I'd go with a battery gun, but if you have the money I'd look at some gas powered guns. AK-47s are great rifles in real combat and Airsoft, but if you bring a spring gun to an airsoft battle you will get you *** kicked and be made fun of.


If you are looking for an AK-47 to use in a war, try looking in the AEG section on there is an Ak for 109 dollars and it is semi/full automatic. i am actually buying that gun next week. it is a really good gun if you are going to be in a war.

What type of deep-sea fishing boat is appropriate for off shore deep-sea fishing in Vientam?

as long as you can c*ock the gun quickly, and its powerful, it will be a pretty good gun.
long barrel which will give you accuracy

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